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Track Races Explained

This is an outline of the different races you can do at the track. It's important to note that track sizes differ among venues, impacting the distances and laps in each race. This guide focuses on the Burnaby track, listing distances for "Elite" male riders, recognizing that other categories have shorter distances in some events.


Team Sprint

Distance: 3 laps 

3 riders per team

1 rider pulls out after each lap

3rd rider sets the team’s finishing time

Winner: Best time


Sprint Qualifying

Distance: 200m

Riders: 1 

- 8 fastest times qualify for sprint tournament

Sprints Tournament 

Distance: 3 laps

Riders: 2, sometimes 3

- Winner advances to next round. 

- 1st-4th place are usually a best-of-three races. 

Winner: First over the finish line.


Distance 7 laps

Riders: Up to 6

Follow the motor bike as it gradually accelerates for 3.5 laps from 30kph to 50kph, Moto pulls off.

3.5 lap race to the finish. 

Winner: First over the finish line.


Distance 5 laps

Riders: 1 

Standing start, all-out effort. 

Winner: Best time. 


Distance 1-3 laps

Up to 6 riders line up at the start. Holders will push their rider as hard as they can. 

Winner: First over the finish line.



Team Pursuit 

Distance: 4km - 20 laps 

Riders: 4

3rd rider over the finish line set’s the team’s finish time. 

Winner: Best time.

Individual Pursuit (IP) 

Distance: 4km (20 laps) 

Rider: 1

Winner: Best time.

Scratch Race

Riders: Bunch

Distance: Varies. Up to 50 laps

First rider over the line, wins. 

Tempo Race

Riders: Bunch

Distance: Up to 40 laps

  Each lap, the first lap over the line gets one point. 

Winner: Rider with the most points.

Elimination Race

Riders: Bunch 

Distance: Bases on field size.

Every second lap, the last rider over the finish line is removed from the race. 

Winner: The last rider on track. 

Points Race

Riders: Bunch

Distance: Up to 120 laps.

Sprint points awarded every 10 laps. 

Winner: Rider with most points.


Riders: Bunch

Distance up to 100 laps

A points race with two-rider teams. One rider “races”, while the other cruises along the top of the track, resting. The rested rider will enter the racing role when their partner “tags” them into the race with a “hand sling”.  

Winner: Team with most points, or is furthest laps ahead.


Riders: Bunch

Similar to the Tempo race, except the points awarded will increase every lap. 

Winner: Rider with most points.


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