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Anti-Role Model

UCII Glossary of Cycling Terms:


(fohn-do gap)

Middle English: from Old Norse, noun

1. a break or opening, between riders in a Team Sprint.

2. an empty space or interval characterized by the third rider failing to hold the wheel.

The infamous "Fondo Gap" – a term born on the velodrome but echoing through the hallowed halls of cycling lore like the distant sobs of betrayed teammates.


Picture this: the 2021 Canadian Masters Track Cycling Championships, a place where legends are made, and in this case, failures recorded. In the Team Sprint, Thomas Schelesny, the third rider, found himself in the unenviable position of letting the notorious "Fondo Gap" open up.


Guy Mclintock, Rider 2, wasted his effort as Thomas failed to cling to his wheel, creating a gap so wide Keith probably should have slotted back in.


As Thomas pedaled his way through what should have been a heroic final lap, it soon became clear he was riding slower than anyone thought possible. The crowd became restless in their seats as they watched this humiliating farce unfold. As if greased with Khyl Orser's pomade, the gold medal slipped through their fingers.


Rumor has it that Thomas, that cunning old cyclist, might have orchestrated the Fondo Gap on purpose. Some even say he was paid handsomely to let the gap yawn open. But in reality, we know that the little man once again ... came up short.


A betrayal of teammates, or perhaps just a strategic move to enter the annals of cycling history as the original "Fondo Gapper." 


Was Thomas a misunderstood antihero, or did he just fancy a leisurely ride while his teammates chased glory? Only the winds whispering through the velodrome know for sure. One thing's certain – the Fondo Gap has become the stuff of legends, a cautionary tale for every cyclist who dares to dream of gold but finds themselves living a nightmare.  - Choose your teammates wisely. 


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